Hey, I'm Rahul

I've already given the TLDR of who I am, but this is just diving a bit deeper. I am a 22 year old (at the time of writing) dropout building a startup.

I fully realise this is a bit pretentious and ostentatious, but it is what it is

I've been writing code for as long as I can remember (probably about 9-10 years now), I used to spend a lot of time building random shit and losing hackathons. I love writing code as it allows me to break out of systems and really express myself (a bit cliche I know)

Long before starting my company, I used to work a big long-term complicated projects to just name a few:

- I also wrote a Research Paper in high school on Ozone concentration

- I founded Bangalore's first overnight highschool hackathon

  • - I love making, watching and talking film. Can do it all day, it is like one of my main passions/interest and I find telling powerful stories incredibly fulfilling
  • - I essentially sleep during the day and work in the middle of the night. My co-founder even made a site to track our sleep schedules https://iszacksleeping.com/
  • - Dog parent (have a super cute 1 year old golden retriever, who acts as the emotional support co-founder)