List of Projects

There are some things I have build/made

Go Fluent FFmpeg2021technical

A Go implementation of fluent-ffmpeg


800+ stars; Generate dynamic social preview images

Twitter Source Bot2020technical

Ever wanted to know the source of a tweet? Just @whosaidthis_bot and I'll tell you where it came from

Built the Varsity's 2020 Digial Magazine

Built the Varsity's 2020 Student Handbook


A smart inventory management solution for Refrigerators


Not sure what to wear in unpredictable weather? Clothology allows you to choose your clothing attire based on what others in your area are wearing.

Investigating the vertical ozone profile, with aspecific focus on the ground level andtropospheric ozone over Bangalore.

How do hashing algorithms in specific SHA256, SHA512 and MD5 affect Number of Passwords decrypted and Computational Power required in a given period?

Expected Number of Hash Collisions for a given hash algorithm.

Broken Paths2019film

Three childhood best friends choose to walk down different paths when faced with one of the biggest challenges of their teenage years: getting into college

Machine Learning Based Facial Recognition for attendance

Using Face dection and Facial Recognition to identify indiviuals entering a room and controlling electronics in the room based on their preference, i.e turning on fans or air conditioners or which lights to turn on, what color the lights should be.

RHOK Hack Winner2018hackathon

Using a ml model to identify plant and animal species

The short film was made for the India film project season 8. It was a part of the amateur category with the given theme being experience change. The film was made in 50 hours for the contest.


This was a short film made from start to finish in just 48 hours for The Next Indian Dream's 48-hour filmmaking contest

While this may not be as complex as other, it is the project I used the most by far


A community for sharing books


This was app made to invite and checkin people for the Nps Hsr Grad party. It could be ported within a couple of hours to serve this purpose for any event

DCB Hackathon2017hackathon

ATM Solution to allow users to withdraw money from ATM using their phones


A forum where you can report issues you faced after consumption of drugs, and report possible drug defects..

Zonne Solaris2016hackathon

Solar Projects Crowd Funding Platform!

Soil Mostiure Anaylsis Application using Arduino and Soil Mositure Sensor