Seen November 2022

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Disappointment (5)

Score 8%


This might be one of the weirdest movies I've seen ever. Has such an amazing cast, clearly a big Hollywood blockbuster. Banger trailer.
But god the actual dialogue writing is so so horrendously bad, ig this is true for the writing in general. But the dialogue is god awful, it is almost painful to watch, especially cause you can see the potential of these amazing actors deliver these terrible lines.
No human being talks like the people in this movie, no one talks like this
Also the mystery isn't that great or could've definitely been told better.
Really squandered the talent this movie had to work with, in a way that never makes you want to get attached to the characters and stories
It's not even that the movies story was terrible, it's really just in the execution

Theatre Experience

NA, I don't think anyone see this in the theatre and I don't remember it releasing here