Seen July 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (7.5)


Enjoyment (7.5)


Disappointment (-1)

Score 79%


This movie is kinda what you’d expect just better, I’m not it’s target audience and that’s okay - that said the sets are great, it looks good, the theme is great, the acting is great and many jokes land
I think everyone has said this but gosling steals the show easily, he is phenomenal when he is on screen and tbf Robbie does a good job too.
I think this movie works in its satire for the most part tho definitely there are moments and parts of it where it feels like it is talking at you.
Def wouldn’t have watched without the now genius paring with 💥Oppenheimer and I think a lot of people are going to come away weird from this double feature as they are tonaly so different - thankfully I had 4-5 hours to process.

Theatre Experience

Some laughs, packed but tiny theatre lots of cosplay biggest summer weekend easily tho
Wouldn’t have watched if not for the barbenhimmer memes tho