Black Adam

Black Adam

Seen November 2022

First Watch

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Quality (5)


Enjoyment (7)

Score 60%


Overall I thought it was a decent movie, pretty generic superhero movie but decent
Really liked the score, sounded really good. Pierce Borsonen was great, tho Dr Fate should be more powerful.
I think they do a decent job with the “anti-hero” stuff around Black adam and that story is interesting, his conflict with the JSA is fine too tho the motivations feel a bit weak for them fighting.
I found the kid and his family a bit annoying and very cliche tbh, that part didn’t really work for me nor did the final big bad and third act set piece, all felt quite generic and the cg on the demon champion felt a bit cheap, the only thing that worked there for me was Dr Fate stuff
I think Atom smasher was very out of place and his comedic relief felt quite cringe, cyclone’s powers were interesting and them trying to give a back story was something but not developed enough and maybe shouldn’t be developed more
All that said I had a decently fun time watching this and it is entertaining, also very nice to cavill back in the suit (ik a lot of his movies have really sucked but I like him)
Oh also that sepia filter was a bit much tbh

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