Creed 3

Creed 3

Seen April 2023

First Watch


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Quality (4)


Enjoyment (5)


Disappointment (1)

Score 43%


I think the story here was really weak and was making a bunch of leaps and was badly paced overall - I think the stuff with the daughter was interesting and that backstory connection could’ve been interesting but really wasn’t that much - it also wasn’t super clean why Johnathan majors was even that good to beat all these people - overall I think the tension and the emotion of the story didn’t work for me
In terms of the visuals of animate fighting - I think this could’ve been interesting if they did it more, I like the opening fight but that’s pretty much it
Overall I think creed and even creed 2 (which is a movie I largely remember liking) were far superior to this imo

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