Everything everywhere all at once

Everything everywhere all at once

Seen July 2022

First Watch

🛋️ Private theatre

Caught in Theatres



Quality (9)


Enjoyment (8.5)


Disappointment (-1)

Score 92%


I had the biggest grin on my face through this movie. I had high expectations but knew next to nothing and had a great time.
Didn't know the movie was nearly this funny or absurd in some regards. Tho the absurdity was definitely a bit oversold
I think most of the movie and it's absurdity played into its core plot and had story functions
Overall this movie is immensely pleasent and a great experience.
Also want to compliment the acting and cinematography in this movie which were both done very well
I do think the plot itself is pretty straightforward and is not as mindbendy SciFi as I was lead on by some.

Theatre Experience

One of the best theatre experiences by renting a private theatre and having just a few friend watch this


I would say the filmmaking and overall quality of the movie was a solid 10, if I was being picky a 9.5


I had a blast with this movie


I had very high expectations and this movie lived upto all of them. I don't if any movie would have been able to surpass them