Fast X

Fast X

Seen May 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (5)


Enjoyment (6)

Score 55%


I think this movie in itself isn't terrible, but I think the franchise at some point in the last few movies got too ridiculous and too complicated to meaningfully come back from - ig it always was but still.
Overall I do think the story here feels a lot more focused and tight than any of the more recent movies, tho I barely remember any of them and they all blur together.
I think Jason Maoma does a great job tho tbh, he performance def works - everything else in the film was kinda mid.
I do think the switch up in director was good except for the few places of obviously bad cgi but yeah overall this is just a fast and furious movie - kinda know what you are getting and it's that

Theatre Experience

It was very stressful in the beginning of my phone battery situation, the theatre in Kabuki is quite mid tbh. Also intermissions good, idk why they don't have those here.
Would've never seen this without A list tho tbh.