Seen June 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (7.5)


Enjoyment (7.5)

Score 75%


I think it was okay, it is a funny movie
The two flashes were a great idea and I think miller does a great job tbh
It isn’t the best movie or anything and it falls into some multiverse/time travel cliches
Namely cameos too and I don’t think it does a particularly great job with them
It skips one of the more obvious and powerful moments from flashpoint story tho which is odd to me I think it would have been easy to do and it would’ve resulted in an emotional moment rather than a joke they go for
I do also think like cause the dc universe is so fucked this doesn’t do much to help it
It is really funny tho I do wish it cut a bit deeper but I think those moments are hurt by it being the first movie and the state of the universe too
The third act is the worst if you ask me a bunch of it felt very rushed - Kara’s arc, or everything happening with the Zod stuff - or even Batman tbh
I really think making him Thomas would’ve been much better this unhinged version that is off the rails that sends the note back

Theatre Experience

I love this theatre so much lol but apart from that alright American audiences are mostly boring - tho this audience was really old men so I’m interested in the demographics for this movie