Glass Onion

Glass Onion

Seen December 2022

First Watch

📺 Ultrawide

NetflixDidn't Release in Theatres



Quality (9.5)


Enjoyment (10)


Disappointment (-1)

Score 103%


I was giddy with joy after watching this movie, it was so fun just so fun - I absolutely loved it, to the extent I didn’t think too much about the themes or the deeper implications of the story/mystery but just had a good time. Rian Johnson is steadily climbing my fav directors list - haven’t seen brick but really loved Knvies out, Last Jedi, this and even looper (haven’t seen this in a while tho)
Idk if this movie is better or worse than Knvies out but I am so happy we got this movie

Theatre Experience

Really wish I got to see this in a theatre, was trying to rent a theatre but friends hadn’t even seen knives out so that didn’t happen but this movie would’ve been great on a big screen with an audience