Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Seen November 2022

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Quality (7)


Enjoyment (8)

Score 75%


Not entirely sure how to judge a holiday special, but I overall found this to be very charming and enjoyable - I wish it was longer (maybe even 2x longer) and had more guardians but Mantis and Drax were great together - I also felt a lot of the comedy landed, a lot more than recent mcu comedy.
Love the opening song and some of the other music
I wish there was more “story” like what guardians were doing between endgame → now, than just buying knowwhere
All that said, this is one of my favourite phase 4 projects easily top 5 - not a high bar but still, also really shows James Gunn is probably the GOAT in comic book media - everything he touches has been pure gold
Definitely missed the guardians and next summer will be painful huh