Guardians of the galaxy 3

Guardians of the galaxy 3

Seen May 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (8.5)


Enjoyment (9)


Disappointment (1)

Score 83%


So first let me say I had the most unrealistic expectations for this movie a movie could have - this is the movie that was meant to save me all along - it was meant to save me in 2020 and then somehow even now. There was no way this movie could've ever met those expectations - ever.
Now that I caveated that, I think this movie was weird but want to give it some time to permiate. There were definitely some things off with pacing, and some story beats that were kinda weird but also it didn't feel like a guardians movie in many ways, the music or musical sequences didn't hit, the comedy while great was def less and the extreme flash backyness of the storytelling was odd.
I think it's playing with tone wasn't nearly as balanced as vol2 which could do the tonal jumping much better.
All this said, this is easily the best MCU movie after the two spiderman movies post endgame, there are moments where it pulled the right heart strings put me to tears, moments I laughed out loud and the tension of an impending death scare you through your first watch of the movie.
While I love the jebait of the expectation that everyone dies and no one did, but without a more permanent/serious retirement the movie definitely feels weaker imo. While I think this happy ending brings some much needed hope to the film, it also weird and should've gone for the more traditional hero sacrifice like rises or endgame
Overall, I think while this movie was good and would love to watch it again before fully forming opinions - I think the movie doesn't hit the strides in character development, fun and heart break that vol 2 hit and is much more oddly placed

Theatre Experience

Best theatre I've been in easily, the audience was also vibes and the mistaken 3d was funny