Magic Mike The Last Dance

Magic Mike The Last Dance

Seen February 2023

First Watch


Caught in Theatres



Quality (2)


Enjoyment (3)


Disappointment (1)

Score 24%


This is a very messy movie, and it's pacing is all over the place. As someone who very vaugly remembers the first two magic Mike movies I was quite lost when the story started and tvj that never really went away
I think overall pacing and lack of narrative focus really bog down the movie, while it is a short 90 mins it feels it's length
I think on the technical aspects the movie is quite well made tbh and I especially liked the use of surround in the third act which made it feel like the theatre was hooting at times and that was cool
I think dropping the ensemble wasn't great tho and I think the characters, their motivations and development needed a lot of work
For me the most entertaining part was both the chaos of the movie combined with the chaos of what I was doing by randomly watching this movie in the theatre

Theatre Experience

This was kinda weird, first I stole a recliner seat and idk if this was a good idea cause we'll the theater was small and very noticeable after coming out of an imax Audi. Also the sound wasn't great for a lot of the film and could've definitely used captions
There were only 7 other people and 2 left, so only one group at the end and only 1 women. I think the cohort of the 5 random people at the end is an interesting one
Regardless wanted to go to the theatre more and definitely experience some bigger misses