Seen February 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (9)


Enjoyment (9)

Score 90%


What a great sequel man, this and glass onion are just good anthology sequels. Searching was one of my fav movies and this movies does a great job with the format.
It is such a good thriller story, with a bunch of twist and turns along the way.
It has a tight runtime and uses it well, never misses a beat.
The cinematography in the first was incredible and same here, storytelling through devices is used so creatively and incredibly well.
I think the actual story is also pretty good - I do think it would've been more interesting for June to get a bit more attached to dad before he goes all psycho on her. It happened almost too quickly
Absolutely love the metaness of a Netflix show covering the stories.
Absolutely love the use of the kuleshov effect in films, leads to such an incredible one of a kind experience a film can give you. Is this as good as arrivals kuleshov? No but still very good
I am down for the guys at search party (what a great name) to keep creating bangers like this one

Theatre Experience

Decent, better than the screen for 🕺Magic Mike The Last Dance even tho wasn't imax. Small crowd
The aspect ratio changes were super interesting to see on the big screen