Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Seen December 2022


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Quality (10)


Enjoyment (10)

Score 100%

Why did I rewatch

This is one of my fav action movies ever, it is so much fun - after seeing the mi 7 stunt trailer I wanted to watch this but thought I had already seen it this year - realising I hadn’t decided to watch it. Will probably watch mi 5 again soon too, love that movie too. Was even thinking of maybe revisiting 3 or 4 - been a while since I’ve seen them.
I don’t think I did this rewatch proper justice as like had to take a break in the middle to eat family lunch for grandma’s birthday and that broke the pacing of the movie - for an incredible well paced breakneck movie like this that is a bit of downer but this movie is so good that i think it works anyways