Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Seen July 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (8.5)


Enjoyment (9)


Disappointment (1)

Score 83%


First like with gotg3 I need to acknowledge that fallout is one of my fav films ever and rouge nation is up there - I love this pair and love their style of movies so had unrealistic expectations for this movie that said it is a good movie - maybe I’ll grow to love it more like I did with maverick which became one of my fav movies
I think this is a diff kind of mi movie and that’s fine it isn’t the same tone or emotional core as fallout was
The stuff I loved was more of the same the score, Ethan running, the general kind of story, the practical action, the Dutch angles etc
I do think more so that other this is really 20-30% over convoluted in plot and it feels in a way fallout doesn’t
Also while respecting the choice to go more buster keaton visual action comedy idk if I like that more, maybe it was 10-15% more than in the previous movies - I do think this played into Pom character too which felt like a very mustache twirling villain type that was a bit much.
For me I’m not sure the redcon connection to the past works as well as Ethan’s wife and idk that Haley atwell character works better than ilsa - also ilsa death didn’t hit home as hard as it should’ve imo, generally I think the main team were a bit underused in this movie
Finally the main stunts, I think they were great but very short I think combining them was interesting but it kinda took away and use the BASE jump for both getting on and off the train wasn’t as interesting to me
Ik it feels like I’m complaining a lot but I mostly liked a lot of this movie but just think it kinda falls short of fallout and maverick in most/all ways and that’s okay cause those are phenomenal films
Oh and I think this movie does the part 1 the best of the summer by far

Theatre Experience

Love the theatre but they are mostly very quiet here, it was funny when in the silence everyone laughed