Seen October 2022

First Watch

📺 Ultrawide

🏴‍☠️ PiracyMissed in Theatres


This movie has not been rated


I have no idea what to really say about this movie except it was boring for me. It lost be so early that by the time it got interesting I didn’t particularly care about what was happening.
That said I don’t think it is a bad movie necessarily, I hope to get around to rewatching it again sometime in the future. (Tho it might be a while as I put of watching this for a while and it was boring)
The positives for me are:
  • Great acting
  • Looks great
  • It can be very good at building tension in a scene or sequence and make you scared
  • Fairly creative, especially in its sci-fi elements

Theatre Experience

Didn’t end up going to the theatre even tho I initially wanted to