Oppenheimer (imax not 70mm)

Oppenheimer (imax not 70mm)

Seen August 2023



Caught in Theatres



Quality (9)


Enjoyment (9.25)

Score 91%

Why did I rewatch

To show it to my granddad
This was my first and only digital viewing of this movie and it was interesting
Damn I fucked by noted version of this that’s kinda sad
The captions really help for sure, I understood a lot more of the dialogue and interactions between characters. I also think the audio mix was better suspect it was cause no film projector being so loud
I liked the movie being 1.90:1 almost the whole time that was nice tho there still some jarring cuts mostly in color when going from native 1.90:1 to cropped 1.43:1. The worst and most noticeable part of this tho was the weird framing in some shot where it was clearly not meant to look like that
The main technical noticeable detail was the shadows and color tho, mainly shadows which were far poorer and made the movie much darker and difficult to see characters at points.
The second most noticeable thing was the lack of grain and detail on characters faces, you could see very deep detail on the actors faces and almost see pours in the faces in 70mm this contributes greatly to rdj or pash character and even to kitty.
The censorship, it was better than expected no jump cuts and the dress is fine but the interrogation scene was really bad and lost a lot of its punch - I also don’t remember the suicide.
Surprisingly trinity was still very good even the visual experience, and auditory was almost identical in some ways better tbh
My main question after watching this tho is without significant changes this is unwatchable at home or not in imax, it would be too dark and the framing would be too bad
In terms of plot lot of the same idea that developed over the last couple of viewings that are a bit enhanced here with captions but nothing super new in takeaway there