Seen July 2023



Multiple times (Theatre)



Quality (9.25)


Enjoyment (9.25)

Score 93%

Why did I rewatch

This movie needs rewatching and already committed to watching it at least 4 times lmao (this is time 3)
I think this is was def a diminishing returns viewing and didn’t get too much out of this but the ideas that accelerated more between the last two viewing are
  • We should not judge these men - we have no place to judge a men like oppenheimer and I think in general I and a lot of society do a bad job at this
  • How to think about the self-importance and ego of actually important men (or more importantly men who are slightly important) → this is a bit close to home, cause I think I could be one of those but I find it difficult to reason about my importance and how to think about it. But I think this is interesting cause it is one thing to talk about the self-importance, ego and arrogance of the every man (maybe this is me) but an another thing to think about it for important people like Oppenheimer or even Straws
Also trinity was great but slightly less great then v2, excited for v4 with granddad but I really need a long stretch of time again before I see this movie