Seen July 2023



Multiple times (Theatre)



Quality (9.25)


Enjoyment (9.5)

Score 94%

Why did I rewatch

This movie needs rewatching and already committed to watching it at least 4 times lmao
So on my first viewing I missed about 5 mins and that definitely adds context to how the narrative devices plays out - moreover I think coming in knowing kinda what I was getting made me have a better time.
I think the movie doesn’t have great twists it has a couple, or amazing answers - who is Oppenheimer and what he believes in many ways are still a mystery by the end of the film but I think it does a really good job exploring that it explores themes of purpose, duty, self importance especially when you are important. In this lens the movie and straws in it are much clearer, it isn’t as much a tail about nuclear or nuclear policy or remotely about AI
Kinda what made him tick, the hypocrisy, the martying, the pushing the dangerous button
I do think there is some aspect of to what end still but less so
In terms of other stuff I sat much closer this time in B24 instead of L3 and while my neck isn’t the happiest rn the experience was wholly better - the film grain, the pours and contours on the actors, even the imperfections in the print all amazing. I was already mostly sold on this but this film is technically amazing, I do think it uses loud, bombastic technically amazing filmmaking as a crutch.
I also appreciated the performances more here, on such a big canvas the actors nailed it.
Last main call out, whole fuck trinity was something entirely different than last viewing - trinity in the last viewing was mostly a dud for me. Overhyped and understandable but nothing special, here in the front it was something different it was blinding really blinding, it was painful and difficult to keep my eyes open - I am not sure that experience can be ever replicated outside a 70mm imax theatre. It is one I’ll remember, the way I remember the way I felt the bombs in dunkrik or the goosebumps in interstellar