Puss in boots the last wish

Puss in boots the last wish

Seen January 2023

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Quality (9)


Enjoyment (9)

Score 90%


I have very little recollection of the Shrek movies and don't remember the Puss in Boots character much, but yeah, this movie was pretty good. The Spider-Verse-esque style looks great and some shots really stand out. The arc of coming to terms with one's previous life is pretty decent, too, and the other characters mostly work. I do think the arcs could have been a bit deeper, but this is a 90-minute movie mostly aimed at kids.
I do think this movie does feel its length, in that it is quite short; that said, it is better to be on the shorter side than longer. I do think the death character is good and actually intimidating, though I think we could have gotten more of him.
Overall, this is a fairly charming movie with decent themes and good animation.