The Batman

The Batman

Seen March 2022

First Watch


Multiple times (Theatre)



Quality (9)


Enjoyment (9)


Disappointment (-1)

Score 95%


I really liked the batman. It was very different that most batman films. Few things that I wish happened:
  • I wish I didn't have a shitty first experience
  • I wish the film was like 10-20% more self indulgent. Everything we saw of batman was awesome, I wish we saw more.
  • I really like the Bruce Wayne family story from the telltale games and they didn't have enough time or Wayne to execute it well would loved more of the consequences on his personal life
  • Kinda with the above I wish like there was just more Bruce or attaching to his character
Even tho this film was 3 hrs long there was definitely like an hour more of material somewhere there
But overall very hyped for this franchise future
Unfortunately for this movie is position/rank was also predefined at 3rd
Oh also I love the score but same I think it could've been 10% more self indulgent
Some Easter eggs?
  1. Is the black dude who almost get beaten up in the beginning going to become dick? Or Jason?
  1. Is that homeless dude in the funeral, Joe chill? Maybe not?
  1. Raj said the sereum batman injects is not just adrenaline but actually bane venom

Theatre Experience

  • First theatre experience was terrible cause of the accident
  • Second was decent. Sound and image were great! Audience quite meh, really shitty intermission cut (both times)