The Creator

The Creator

Seen September 2023

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (8)


Enjoyment (7)


Disappointment (1)

Score 71%


The movie didn’t connect for me, and sometimes with these kinda movies they need to connect - I think the twist/turning awes of scifi weren’t there and the movie didn’t connect on the day emotionally
Overall I think the movie was very well made from a technical standpoint but the story was a bit weak - I wish Edwards leaned into his scale more I guess that was what nomad was meant to be but didn’t feel in the way it did with Godzilla and Rouge one.
I think the CGI is incredible and the cinematography in thailand is great, it really looks it - tho I was a bit oversold on Fraiser not realising he left the project after pre production to go do Dune 2

Theatre Experience

It was alright, was impressed by the turn out for an indian audience for this movie