Thor love and thunder

Thor love and thunder

Seen July 2022

First Watch


Opening Weekend (Theatre)



Quality (3)


Enjoyment (8)


Disappointment (2)

Score 50%


This was the first disney marvel project since endgame where when the credits rolled I had a grin on my face and wasn’t furious. I am so happy to experience that again (Note both spidermen movies are sony)
  • Most of the jokes/vibe landed for me, and was funny
  • Thor’s arc is not as pronounced as his last arc from ragnarok to endgame
  • Not a fan of Jane/Earth, big slowdown imo
  • Russel Crowe’s accent was dogshit for me
  • The CGI on the Guardians looked really bad, also would’ve like to see a bit more maybe
  • I really like that thor became a parent but in a weird way, I think that is great
    • Also sidenote here, thank fucking god jane died
  • Loved Korg back
    • Valkyrie is okay
    • Definitely kinda missing loki here a bit, but I do think that story was mostly wrapped

Theatre Experience

Was meh, one big cheer for thor in the beginning with gotg, we were laughing a lot tho went with a big group of 6 friends


This movie definitely has a lot of problems, I think the main is having to make up for 4 movies of Jane foster development. Also that set of characters and earth is just boring
The movie also severely depowers for no reason, along with having a weak villian
While all of this is true, having a og mcu lead back just having fun gushes through the screen and able to circumvent most of these problems


I had a blast with this movie, is it dumb 100% but is damn fun too yes. The music, the fights, the joke mostly all worked for me. I just needed more Thor hero moments. Some stuff was definitely cringe tho


Actually not disappointed, while I had high hopes initially on the last day I heard it was quite meh and I was really scared. This movie didn't meet my high hopes but wasn't as bad as I thought it could be
Taika is(was) one of my favourite directors and thor increasingly had become one of the best mcu characters and especially after the gas leak year of phase 4 I think this movie needed to be much better than it was.
The more I think about this movie the less I like it, but it did give me a good theatre experience