Titanic (Re Release)

Titanic (Re Release)

Seen February 2023

First Watch


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Quality (8)


Enjoyment (7.5)

Score 78%


Why watching this movie now?
Watching this as the 25 year anniversary re release in imax and never properly sat down and seen this movie
Tbh pretty conflicted about Cameron in the last couple of months - haven't seen much of his older work properly should def go see t2 sometime. I thought I hated 🪐Avatar but suprisingly on rewatch was charmed but then didn't really enjoy 🪐Avatar the way of the water all that much. I'd say I enjoyed this movie and Leo/Jack over Jake Sully is a big win and shows throughout the movie.
I think the scale of the everything is very well expressed and felt. This movie can land some jokes and definitely charm you, also James Horner is absolutely killing it. The visuals are also great
In general for me, Cameron's movies don't feel their length but don't move either just kinda in the middle.
In this movie I think the class dynamics and the looking back in time aesthetic is interesting - there was some part of me was like our rich aren't this lame? And also like we don't awe things like the titanic anymore.
Overall kinda find it hard to rate this movie tbh