Rahul’s Mac Productivity Suite
These are some tools that help me work more productively on the mac, some of these might be invite only and I can get potentially get you an invite
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These are tools I use regularly for a extended periods of time and I really like
  • Raycast -
    • Must get - great replacement to alfred
      Please use a clipboard manager, it is game changer - would recommend cmd + shift + c as a shortcut. Raycast has a built in great clipboard manager
      Raycast has tons of cool shit, just do the tutorial and play with it, you’ll see why it is great
      Raycast also has quite good window management that I use quite a bit
  • Magnet - default macos window management sucks, get something Magnet is $10 one time purchase, but there are a few OSS versions of magnet too
notion image
  • Warp - really like warp as a default terminal on macos, it has a lot of nice features and is quite performant.
    • Another alternative here is, not a terminal itself but an extension to one - not as good as warp imo. Unfortunately they don’t work together
      Have a oh my zsh config on this, can share just reach out
  • Notion - This, notion has been go to default note taking app for a while and it is great, has great collab, lists, databases, etc and is free for individuals
  • Linear - This is more on your company but linear is awesome
  • Superhuman - THIS IS EXPENSIVE only get this if your email is super valuable, default is $30/month, can get student for $10/month
  • Cron - Great calendar app for macos, currently free
  • Cleanshot X - This is the fancy macos screenshot tool, I have it with but if you don’t have setup would recommend shotter, it is quite good too
    • Annotate nicely on screenshots
  • Dozer - a way to clean up your menubar on macos, much needed on the M1s with the bloody notch
  • Istat Menus - if you want to look at your macos performance, stats at a glance then this is great. Also has good fan controls for the mac, useful to gain more performance

Things I am trying

As of June 2022
  • - A simpler roam research tool, which allows you to connect things nicely, has really nice inflows, and ways to text it stuff - quite sticky. Downside is only lightmode atm
  • - Friends company, productivity tracker, just trying it out
  • Arc - The new browser company browser I am trying out

Weird low level shit

If you are interested in this let me know, and happy to help guide your setup
It is a bit jank tho